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We live by Moon and Great Beyond, Never Alone.

Wee Wolf Girl




Wee Wolf Girl is a celebration of both running free and independent and the camaraderie felt in being part of a tribe—as seen through the lens of a wolf, and inspired by the many lessons YUZON was raised by growing up with a “pack” of her own.

Aim High




Aim High is a re-hype, rallying cry for our loved ones recovering from all kinds of heartbreak and betrayal, encouraging them to get back out there, and “aim high”. 


Aim High acknowledges that while a period of mourning is natural, at some point you just need to pick yourself up, get out there and channel your inner god/goddess. It’s a reminder to open your heart to all the next-level goodness that awaits, because “you were made for so much more” and are absolutely worth it.


Playful, protective and proud, YUZON’s first exploration into modernized italo-disco has all the mythical sass and funk you need to get you out of your own funk.

Stay In Bed




Stay In Bed is YUZON, BV and DMB’s tribute to true friendship—the kind that evolves with you through every season. 


This song encapsulates the feeling of togetherness, loyalty, and having each other’s back through heart ache, self-discovery, loss, celebration—-all of it. It’s an anthem for pals who not only cruise through sunny weather but ride out life’s storms together as well. 


This one is for all our amazing friends, near or far, the “family we get to choose”.

Oh My Days




YUZON released her latest bedroom pop single 'Oh My Days' with  Tarsier Records, along with its music video (on 06.21.21) directed by Bea Velante of Huckerby Studios, in time for international “Go Skateboarding Day” – as a tribute to empowered, inspiring women skaters around the world.


“I wrote Oh My Days as part wistful trip to the good 'ol days, reminiscent of the fast-paced, carefree lives we used to live, but also as an encouraging nudge to have faith that (even as the world recovers), we have what we need to navigate this strange realm—-in strengthening relationships, and in newfound or rediscovered passions that give us new perspectives and positive insight into where we all are.

So hold on to your North Star, whether it’s a product of a lifelong journey, or a skate down the lane. “ - YUZON

Full Moon Youth




Full Moon Youth is about growing into and embracing your own personal power.

“I wrote this song when there was so much going on in my life in terms of self-discovery, strengthening ties, and learning to let go and transition into the next great unknown phases of life.

FMY is my ode to evolving from an adolescent to a ‘young adult’, to mark that particular time when I felt a shift inside me, that despite how fast things were moving along the current, there was stillness and a strength that was starting to emerge.

This song is about not knowing exactly where you belong in the world, and being okay with that: embracing one's more vagabond-ish tendencies. It is in the discovery process leading up to the destination that is the true adventure.

It's about being aware of the challenges ahead, but also reveling in the now. Being carefree; ready to play in this dimension, and see how far we can test the limits and the reach our personal prowess could go. Whether we know it or not, are becoming conscious, deliberate creators to a certain beautifully wild and passionate degree.

The phases of the moon are also something I have been very sensitive to; particularly the new and full moon. The new moon is meant to be a great time for initiating new projects, affirming and listing new goals, and for starting anything in general, whereas the Full Moon is when we ‘’reap what we’ve sown’’ from the work we put in during the recent/past cycles, and when most of our dreams and desires manifest.

Full Moon Youth marks the beginning of a journey of awakening your soul’s true essence, whatever that may be.” - YUZON


Bad Influence


Kyler, Subzylla, YUZON






Subzylla x YUZON


“Simulation  is a reminder that we are all Creators in our own ways. 


Although some theorize that we are all simply living in a “simulation” and ask “What’s the point of it all?”, because everything is pre-paved, the song somewhat jokingly (but also seriously) states that if this is the case, we might as well make the most of it. 


It’s a mix between seeing the stage set—the world as we know it, and also realizing that through love and belief in one’s self and a higher source that operates in the highest good, and the power of positive thought, we can play around with these elements of our reality and build something new, something we believe in.


If this was a video game, we would bust out of the confines of “Story Mode” and start writing our own piece. 


This song for me is about liberating yourself—freeing yourself from the past, and realising that no matter what hard times you’ve been through (even if you feel like a shell of your former self)—you are an infinite being, and you’ve only grazed the surface. 


There is so much more that lies within, if only you’d tap into it. 

So let’s all dive in together.” - YUZON

Simulation YUZON.jfif



Lost Tuesday Society x YUZON


Wings YUZON.jpg





“Alchemy is a science where one understands the nature of matter, breaks it down then rebuilds it. Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is alchemy’s first law of Equivalent Exchange.” – Alphonse Elric, Fullmetal Alchemist


“Elixir was written as an exercise in manifesting or writing down the key traits of an ideal partner, in a relationship with good chemistry and a strong base, where effort feels “equal but effortless”, and both parties maintain their own sense of self but are aligned with their values as they grow together. 


Everyone has some kind of “elixir”, be it coffee, tea, or whatever they need to get that boost, that sense of rejuvenation. In this case it just happens to be in the form of another person.


In life, whether relationships end up bad or good, the element of transmutation is inevitable—you react to each other and emerge changed.” - YUZON

Elixir YUZON.jfif

Violet Suns


Kyler, Subzylla, YUZON


Violet Suns YUZON.jfif

“With everything happening in the world today, it's easy to get pulled down by fear and uncertainty, but we must remember we have what we need within us to find the balance between being well-informed and also taking action from a steady and centered place of love, which I believe is our natural state--the eternal realm in which our soul resides. 


In this time of chaos, we are called to be this love and rise above our limitations and let go of beliefs that no longer serve us.  


Violet Suns is about returning to who you really are, and right now, it’s our way of saying we are with you as you as we all (literally and figuratively, by flight or on foot) 

make our way Home.” - YUZON





Feathers YUZON.jfif

Feathers tells a story of betrayal and despair, but also one of hope for resurrection, strength and redemption.

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